The Issues

I want Virginia's 26th district to reflect the best of who we are: inclusive and diverse; caring; and intent on providing excellent education, protecting our beautiful environment, and working together to create a thriving economy and fulfilling community for all. Here are a few I'm starting with, with more to come:


The beautiful Shenandoah Valley needs to remain a pristine and healthy area for generations to come. We should work to raise the amount of state resources and funding that the environment receives.


End Gerrymandering

Ending the use of political information to draw our districts is a non-partisan issue. We deserve to have fair elections, and ending gerrymandering is one way to ensure fair elections.



Compensation for Virginia State Employees

Virginia, on average, pays its state workers about 6% less than the comparable private-sector jobs. When public employees are not paid at a reasonable market price, our state suffers. We need to compensate state employees fairly.



I believe that infrastructure and the economy can work together to make our district stronger. We need to invest in infrastructure to live a better life, and that investment will, in turn, create many decent-paying jobs in both the public and private sectors. Instead of building pipelines, the focus should be on clean energy and clean water initiatives. So

Mental Health & Physical Well-being

As a survivor of postpartum depression, I understand how deeply sad and disconnected one can be from the world. I am committed to funding and supporting mental and physical health. Expanding Medicaid needs to be a priority.



Immigrants & Refugees

We need to make sure Harrisonburg and Rockingham County remain a beacon of hope to protect vulnerable immigrant and refugee populations.


Student Loan Debt

There are two ways to make post-secondary education more affordable and improve the career prospects for all young Virginians: mitigating the costs and finding creative solutions to reduce & forgive student debt.


Campus Sexual Assault

We need to promote bystander intervention and educate on consent and sexual violence prevention education programs. And, when campus sexual assault does happen, victims should be protected.

 Courtesy of  Study Group

Courtesy of Study Group


I will advocate for our children to have access to a quality public education experience and for college to be affordable. I believe education allows personal growth while also strengthening the economy and the nation.


 Adam Copeland

Adam Copeland

Family Leave and Elder Care 

We need to work on the state level to enact parental leave. In addition, we need to expand how we approach elder care by expanding state assistance programs, such as caregiver respite, caregiver counseling, and legal aid.



Civil Rights and Appreciation

Every American, no matter their race, sex, ethnicity or national origin, language, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or disability, is equal.

Gun Violence Prevention

Guns do have recreational and safety uses, and the right to use a gun should not be infringed on. However, gun violence prevention needs to discussed much more.