Kathy Berry

One of the things that has impressed me so much about Cathy is that she has spent a lot of time getting to know what the issues are (not sound bites or tired old mantras) by meeting with the people who are in the field and know the problems, but more importantly know the solutions! Rarely, very rarely, do our legislators do their homework about the issues. Cathy spent hours and hours bringing people together so she could be informed about the complexity of the issues and their solutions. She will truly represent us in Richmond.


Diane Orndoff

Having Cathy provide leadership to our district is something I have dreamed about since I met her. Time for our dream to be realized. Cathy is fresh, intelligent, and open. We need Cathy now. Fortunately she has responded to our need.

Adam Copeland

I have 17 drafts of my endorsement of Cathy, each with a different focus and tone, but each one of them stating the same thing: I #countonCathy because she is capable, reliable, knowledgeable, intelligent, caring, strong, tough, and dedicated. I'm voting for Cathy because she's the best person to represent us as Delegate in Richmond. From the execution of the job demands to the transparency she demonstrates in her viewpoints, policies, actionable solutions, and decisions, #HD26 will be lucky to have her in the House of Delegates on our behalf."

"She is the candidate with the spark we need to flip this district. She is the candidate with the broadest appeal to bring out those votes. She is the one engaging with voters across the political spectrum, making the case that our Democratic values are the ones most beneficial to every single person in this district. She's strategic in her thinking, progressive in her policies, generous in her caring, positive in her campaigning, and committed to this community."

"I'm completely biased--and I hope you will be too: vote for Cathy Copeland on Tuesday, June 11.

Martha Long

I support Cathy because she cares about mental illness and the judicial system. Please come out and vote for her.


Nadia Dames

I enjoy going to various community events, and it is always nice to see a friendly face like Cathy’s participating as well. Whether they are small meetings to discuss the town of Dayton, workshops on racial diversity in Harrisonburg, or community potlucks for intercultural festivities, I have seen her present and always eager to learn from individual people in the community. After spending time with her discussing her goals for the district and listening to her speak to people in the county, I believe that her intelligence, insight, and determination is exactly what the district needs when it comes to education and mental health concerns. I appreciate her moderate stance, and I know she is the best candidate when it comes to dealing with the bi-partisan issues we are witnessing in this current political climate. If anything, I know I have gained a new friend in our community based on her nurturing heart, intellect and positive attitude. Vote for Cathy on June 11th!


Mike Hott

I recommend Cathy Copeland because of her commitment to doing the right thing. Her want for listening and making things right, her dedication to the word she speaks, and the simple fact of she listens to men, women, and children, and acts on what she knows is right.


Natalie Kerr

I strongly support Cathy’s run for the Virginia House of Delegates. As a professor and a psychologist, I appreciate Cathy’s focus on improving the quality of public education and de-stigmatizing mental health care. I also value her commitment to protect our environment. I #countonCathy to represent the 26th District with integrity and passion.


Karina Kline-Gabel

I #CountOnCathy to be the strong voice we need. She understands that women bring a fresh and needed perspective and she encourages others to join her in making a change. Her inclusive policies will represent all of us in the 26th district.”


Daphyne Saunders

I really appreciate the work Cathy puts in for our community.  Her professionalism, her integrity and her willingness to research and consider multiple resources and multiple opinions will make her an effective representative.  Thanks Cathy!


Ruby Lehman

I have enjoyed my profession as an educator, teaching mostly in public elementary and middle schools in four different states. For me, teaching was a career, not just a job. When I met Cathy Copeland last week, I realized that I was conversing with a professional who shared many of my values, and who was ready to work for our community with those goals in mind. I went online to learn more about her, finding that she has an outstanding educational background. She also knows how to discuss controversial subjects with civility and respect, which to me is a qualifying characteristic for a delegate.

Although I have been retired from teaching for a number of years, I like to keep informed about current developments in education. I am impressed when I read or hear about wholistic learning, alternatives to punishment or suspension, restorative justice, project-oriented classrooms where learning is fun!

As a human rights activist for marginalized people in our society, I am pleased to support a delegate who will be inclusive of EVERYONE.


Arnie Kahn

Cathy knows all aspects of public policy and will vote to benefit the lives of all residents of the district.


Paul Berry

Cathy will be an incredible representative for people in the 26th District. Her understanding and empathy when engaging with public concerns and how she forms responses to complex problems is something I've witnessed firsthand. Her solutions-based approach is a great fit for serving the public. You can #CountOnCathy!


Marilynn Propst Jarrells

Cathy Copeland is the best choice to represent #HD26. She is selfless, dedicated, humble, and focused on doing good for others. I first met her at a small group meeting at church for those looking to make a positive and tangible impact in our local community. I've witnessed her teach children in Sunday school, be involved in Faith in Action, and advocate for education across Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, among so many other things. We are a diverse district and we need someone who reflects that and possesses the skills to lead, collaborate, and make positive change in Richmond for us. Frankly, I #CountonCathy to get things done and I know she will.


Katrina Gerald

I am supporting Cathy Copeland because she is working hard for our community and supports improved funding for public education. Cathy has the integrity needed for elected office, and I know I can #CountOnCathy to always work collaboratively and professionally.


Ramona Sanders

I #CountOnCathy to listen to all of her constituents and act on what she hears. I #CountOnCathy to get things done. I #CountOnCathy to be able to multi-task as an educator, a wife, a mother, and now a Delegate in the State of Virginia.


Kamryn Batts


I #CountonCathy because I have seen the passion that she has towards a variety of policies and am excited to see her put her ideas in motion as the delegate for Virginia’s 26th district. As a college student and the daughter of a teacher, educational policies are important to me and I believe that Cathy will put in the hard work to achieve success in her educational policies. Cathy’s political goals in public safety and environment, are really relevant and important issues that need to be a part of the discussion and I believe that Cathy Copeland can help bring change in those issues.


Luke Forbes


When I first met Cathy Copeland, I immediately connected with her story and why she decided to run for office. For Cathy, issues like mental health and education aren’t just political, they’re personal. She’s been insistent and forthcoming in her advocacy for better mental health care in the Commonwealth. She’s been vehement and outspoken in her support for an education system in Virginia that pays teachers a livable wage, and returns education funding to pre-2008 recession levels. She’s been a champion for building a second Harrisonburg High School by co-founding For HHS2. She’s been a fervent supporter for transitioning Virginia into a Commonwealth run with 100% renewable energy, all while pledging not to take PAC money from Dominion Energy and being the most outspoken candidate for campaign finance reform. She’s been vocal in condemning poorly written VaHoD bills, as well as the absent legislators who write them without consulting the constituents that are affected by them.

Even though Cathy has chosen to be outspoken on all of these issues and more, her method of conducting discourse through honest, respectful conversation is what most qualifies her to be our next Delegate in Richmond. #CountonCathy to lead by example, to be pragmatic without sacrificing her progressive values, and to be the voice the Harrisonburg and Rockingham communities miss and desperately need in Richmond.


Matt Phillippi

There are many issues facing our area and the Commonwealth more generally, and Cathy has shown a willingness to look deeply at them for not just our present, but for our future. Her environmental positions will help to ensure that our land and water will be available for agriculture and recreation for years to come. We have a very unique and beautiful place here in HD26, and while these things are hugely important to me and many others, her comprehensive look at other policies that will work towards a better future in our community is what makes her a unique candidate for the House of Delegates. As a public employee, as an avid outdoorsman, and as someone who grew up in this community, I support Cathy Copeland for Delegate.


Julie Way

#CountOnCathy to work harder and listen better as our representative in VAHD-26. She has put in the time to learn about what makes good government work in Virginia and isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and get things done on tough issues. I appreciate how she has made sense of the legislation last term and can explain its impact on everyday people. Her policy stances are informed, thoughtful, and practical for the world we live in.


Adrienne Hooker

An acquaintance recently said if I was in the race for delegate, they’d have no problem speaking up to endorse me; I was shocked! The only qualification I have to be a state delegate is a passion to make change happen. And then it hit me…people have mistaken passion as the sole quality of a good candidate! We need more than an organizer with a bullhorn! We need a delegate who actively seeks out people in this district to put their ideas into actionable legislation. We need to move and progress from what has been! We need a candidate with new ideas, new solutions, and new energy. I have watched many campaigns with scruntity, and from one side I hear the same stories with no path to action. I challenge you: compare the campaigns and see which candidate gives viable solutions to diverse issues time and time again. We are electing the candidate, not the women working for them (including me)! I am a doer, and I #CountOnCathy to be transparent and pragmatic in attacking the real issues of our community—VAHD26.


Tassie Pippert

It is an honor to endorse Cathy Copeland for the 26th District House of Delegates.  Cathy is an outstanding candidate who will represent the entirety of the 26th and will carry us into our next phase of life in this beautiful Commonwealth.

Cathy’s views on education and inclusion put her heads and shoulders above other candidates. Her ability to collaborate with others and her desire to represent us in the steps toward problem-solving make her my choice.  I #countonCathy to be my voice in this time characterized by bipartisan bickering. Her way of bringing people together will be a welcome change to the mix, and her ability to listen before casting judgement is refreshing.  While I count myself as relatively conservative, I find Cathy’s view to represent me well, not only as a woman but as a citizen.

It has been said that women look at a position and confirm they have 100% of the qualifications before stepping in to apply.  For a man, the average ability before casting himself into candidacy for a position is between 35% and 45%. I like knowing that the person representing me is 100% qualified and that the learning once elected is a simple matter of process and not need of constituency.  Cathy has proven herself time and time again to be 100% qualified and I trust her to be the person taking my vote and my voice into the job.

When you stand in line to cast your vote, think about who will truly represent you in Richmond.  Think about what issues are of the most importance to you and consider how the candidates will take your voice, the voices of all of us, into the arena.  For me, the decision is simple. Cathy Copeland is my choice to carry my voice to Richmond.


Deb Fitzgerald

I'm voting for Cathy Copeland on June 11 because experience and integrity matters. Cathy has built a life in the 26th district; she has a family, a job, and deep roots in the community. She has travelled around the Commonwealth as part of the Sorensen Institute, talking with Virginians about problems both state-wide and local, exploring costs, benefits, and solutions. She balances idealism and pragmatism in a combination well suited to actually getting things done at home and across the state. Her knowledge is deep, wide, and is coupled with unwavering integrity. She is the person I want to represent me in the Virginia House of Delegates.


Andy Kohen

I am a JMU Emeritus Professor of Economics and am currently serving my second term as an elected member of the Harrisonburg City School Board. I endorse Cathy Copeland as the Democratic Nominee for the House of Delegates in the 26th district because of her thorough preparations for doing the job and because of her avowed policy positions. Among the latter that lie within my own areas of expertise I approve of her positions on K-12 public education, higher education and equitable treatment of employees (private and public). From all that I know about her, Cathy is a progressive but not doctrinaire and a good listener and learner. She has evidenced that she has tremendous energy and is willing to work hard in pursuit of her goals. I believe that she is the kind of person we need representing us in the House of Delegates.


Barbara Reisner

I #CountOnCathy to focus on education. Education is a major economic drive and improves everyone’s quality of life. I know Cathy will  listen to all voices, make informed decisions, and work for sensible policies in PreK-12, higher, career and technical education.


Andi Beard

I understand that in a close-knit community like the Valley, we all must rise (or sink) together. This is why I hope that Cathy Copeland is elected Delegate for #HD26. She has been tirelessly engaging with the community at large (even outside her own district) and listening just as much as speaking. I feel that as Delegate, she will bring positive change to our entire region through initiatives such as improved mental health awareness and services, broadband for all, raising the minimum wage, and equal opportunities for underrepresented groups. I believe we can #CountonCathy to make a real difference in the lives of Valley residents.


Marisa Shank

I am the librarian at a city elementary school in Harrisonburg and can attest to Cathy's commitment to education and educators. Her son attends my school and for two years now, she has volunteered her time to help in the library. I know she is also actively involved in the parent group at our school. She is someone who not only says the right words, but she also acts on them. I endorse Cathy Copeland for Delegate.


Jennifer Martin

I support Cathy Copeland as my candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates. As a public school psychologist, I recognize the importance of investing in our children today for a better tomorrow. Cathy shares my views and is committed to improving both mental health and public education. As delegate, Cathy will strive to increase mental health services in the schools by advocating for more school counselors, school social workers, and school psychologists. Like me, Cathy is focused on improving services to those who have disabilities, both at the school and community level. She is dedicated to raising teacher salaries and improving nutrition and physical health in the schools so that our children are able to learn to the best of their abilities. Cathy’s commitment to the mental health and education of our children is the reason why I hope you will join me in supporting her during the state run primary on June 11th.


Jay Brown

I #CountOnCathy to understand the importance of postsecondary education for young adults entering the workforce, whether it is a trade school, community college, or four-year university. Cathy will prioritize public safety by introducing sensible gun laws. I count on Cathy to represent all the members of the district. Cathy’s bipartisan background gives her the ability to understand various sides of all issues. I count on Cathy to support small business by allocating funds to prepare the workforce of tomorrow and creating a tax incentive for small businesses that implement the Virginia apprenticeship program.

EndorsedbyJenniferK (1).png

Jennifer Kline

I am a Libertarian when it comes to my main political views, so when my friend, Cathy Copeland, asked me if I would be on her campaign committee to run for Delegate in Virginia, I was honest and told her that my beliefs don't always align with the Democrat Party, but I was really nervous about how that honesty would affect our friendship. Do you want to know what she said to me? She responded, "I know that, that's why I want you on my team. I value your opinion and I care about our community. I genuinely want to hear from people with different perspectives so we can work together and really make a difference." I was so impressed with her response and her character that I decided to step out of my comfort zone, join her team, and get involved.


Tisha McCoy-Ntiamoah

I count on Cathy because she's a person of great integrity and has compassion for working toward sustainable solutions of complex societal issues. She's thoughtful and well-informed, as evidenced by her weekly summaries of house bills and other legislation. She's the best candidate to represent the 26th District.


Anna Connole


It has become more and more evident just how much Virginia needs competent, passionate and morally grounded leaders. I #CountonCathy because she is ready to put in the work for her state, just as she has done in the Harrisonburg community with work on HHS2 and building Women of the 26th. She is not only well versed about the policy work that she will be working with everyday as Delegate, but she is also beyond eager and excited to work with colleagues on passing inclusive, well-written and effective legislation. I’m excited to support a leader who prioritizes building coalitions and is a proud advocate for every voice of the 26th district.


Ethan Ratke


#CountonCathy because of her policies on mental and physical health. I have grown up around family members with mental health problems, and have dealt with my own mental health issues my whole life. It is important for me to see someone who cares about this issue as much as I do. In addition, this district needs someone who can be collaborative with others, and have an outstanding work ethic, and no one fits those roles better than Cathy Copeland.