Katrina Gerald

I am supporting Cathy Copeland because she is working hard for our community and supports improved funding for public education. Cathy has the integrity needed for elected office, and I know I can #CountOnCathy to always work collaboratively and professionally.


Ramona Sanders

I #CountOnCathy to listen to all of her constituents and act on what she hears. I #CountOnCathy to get things done. I #CountOnCathy to be able to multi-task as an educator, a wife, a mother, and now a Delegate in the State of Virginia.


Tisha McCoy-Ntiamoah

I count on Cathy because she's a person of great integrity and has compassion for working toward sustainable solutions of complex societal issues. She's thoughtful and well-informed, as evidenced by her weekly summaries of house bills and other legislation. She's the best candidate to represent the 26th District.


Kamryn Batts


I #CountonCathy because I have seen the passion that she has towards a variety of policies and am excited to see her put her ideas in motion as the delegate for Virginia’s 26th district. As a college student and the daughter of a teacher, educational policies are important to me and I believe that Cathy will put in the hard work to achieve success in her educational policies. Cathy’s political goals in public safety and environment, are really relevant and important issues that need to be a part of the discussion and I believe that Cathy Copeland can help bring change in those issues.


Luke Forbes


When I first met Cathy Copeland, I immediately connected with her story and why she decided to run for office. For Cathy, issues like mental health and education aren’t just political, they’re personal. She’s been insistent and forthcoming in her advocacy for better mental health care in the Commonwealth. She’s been vehement and outspoken in her support for an education system in Virginia that pays teachers a livable wage, and returns education funding to pre-2008 recession levels. She’s been a champion for building a second Harrisonburg High School by co-founding For HHS2. She’s been a fervent supporter for transitioning Virginia into a Commonwealth run with 100% renewable energy, all while pledging not to take PAC money from Dominion Energy and being the most outspoken candidate for campaign finance reform. She’s been vocal in condemning poorly written VaHoD bills, as well as the absent legislators who write them without consulting the constituents that are affected by them.

Even though Cathy has chosen to be outspoken on all of these issues and more, her method of conducting discourse through honest, respectful conversation is what most qualifies her to be our next Delegate in Richmond. #CountonCathy to lead by example, to be pragmatic without sacrificing her progressive values, and to be the voice the Harrisonburg and Rockingham communities miss and desperately need in Richmond.


Jennifer Martin

I support Cathy Copeland as my candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates. As a public school psychologist, I recognize the importance of investing in our children today for a better tomorrow. Cathy shares my views and is committed to improving both mental health and public education. As delegate, Cathy will strive to increase mental health services in the schools by advocating for more school counselors, school social workers, and school psychologists. Like me, Cathy is focused on improving services to those who have disabilities, both at the school and community level. She is dedicated to raising teacher salaries and improving nutrition and physical health in the schools so that our children are able to learn to the best of their abilities. Cathy’s commitment to the mental health and education of our children is the reason why I hope you will join me in supporting her during the state run primary on June 11th.


Jay Brown

I #CountOnCathy to understand the importance of postsecondary education for young adults entering the workforce, whether it is a trade school, community college, or four-year university. Cathy will prioritize public safety by introducing sensible gun laws. I count on Cathy to represent all the members of the district. Cathy’s bipartisan background gives her the ability to understand various sides of all issues. I count on Cathy to support small business by allocating funds to prepare the workforce of tomorrow and creating a tax incentive for small businesses that implement the Virginia apprenticeship program.

EndorsedbyJenniferK (1).png

Jennifer Kline

I am a Libertarian when it comes to my main political views, so when my friend, Cathy Copeland, asked me if I would be on her campaign committee to run for Delegate in Virginia, I was honest and told her that my beliefs don't always align with the Democrat Party, but I was really nervous about how that honesty would affect our friendship. Do you want to know what she said to me? She responded, "I know that, that's why I want you on my team. I value your opinion and I care about our community. I genuinely want to hear from people with different perspectives so we can work together and really make a difference." I was so impressed with her response and her character that I decided to step out of my comfort zone, join her team, and get involved.


Anna Connole


It has become more and more evident just how much Virginia needs competent, passionate and morally grounded leaders. I #CountonCathy because she is ready to put in the work for her state, just as she has done in the Harrisonburg community with work on HHS2 and building Women of the 26th. She is not only well versed about the policy work that she will be working with everyday as Delegate, but she is also beyond eager and excited to work with colleagues on passing inclusive, well-written and effective legislation. I’m excited to support a leader who prioritizes building coalitions and is a proud advocate for every voice of the 26th district.


Ethan Ratke


#CountonCathy because of her policies on mental and physical health. I have grown up around family members with mental health problems, and have dealt with my own mental health issues my whole life. It is important for me to see someone who cares about this issue as much as I do. In addition, this district needs someone who can be collaborative with others, and have an outstanding work ethic, and no one fits those roles better than Cathy Copeland.